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Hi, I’m Alan Beech.

Congratulations on clicking on the link. This tells me that you care about your auto service business, and are willing to take on the challenge.

You may be in a really tough situation with your business. Having been in this industry for over 45 years, I’ve been there. The change started when I was tired of the situation I was in. I reached out for help to learn what I needed to know to transform my shop, and took action to make it a reality. After reading this Free 12 Step Guide, you’ll be taking the first step on your journey to do the same! 

Decide you are going to improve your business.

Decide to reach out for help.

Take action and follow through.

What's Covered in the Free Book?


Assembling your team


Creating a process for everything


Becoming a great shop through proper inspections


Making customer experience #1


Training continuously


Developing a maintenance mindset


Understanding how to charge and what to charge for


Understanding your KPI’s and the behaviours that lead to them


Using Incentive plans that lead to desired outcomes


Creating the culture of a winning team


Marketing your shop


Keeping in touch with your clients

What Should I Know?


Small businesses that don’t make it to 10 years. Don’t be a statistic.

23 Years

Average time on the road of a vehicle manufactured today. Aftermarket shops need lots of potential cars to be highly successful.


Percent of aftermarket shops without a coach. A coach should have a minimum ROI of 10 times their cost.

About the Author

Alan Beech has worked in the automotive industry for over 45 years and has been a successful shop owner for 22 years. He is an industry expert, experienced entrepreneur, and is currently the proud owner of Beech Consulting.

Since starting Beech Consulting, he has trained OE dealerships, countless large corporate groups, and numerous independent shops. He has also facilitated countless performance groups for independent shop owners.

It has been Alan’s primary focus and passion for the past decade, and he’s dedicated to helping shop owners and their staff achieve the success that they have only dreamed of.

Alan’s advice for this training: take yourself on! Capitalize on opportunities to engage in learning and new training that will invigorate your business and enhance the quality of your life.

Client Testimonials

When we first met Alan we were definitely in a debt situation. After implementing Alan's training and coaching, we started increasing our numbers, to the point now where we've doubled our revenue.

Rob HuttenBert's Auto & Tire

About 5 years ago, we were around $800,000 in gross sales, and now we're passing $1.6 million in sales. So it's been good getting involved with a consulting group. I've always known the value of coaching and embraced that.

Stu BoydBoyd Automative and Tire

I am the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a Network that supports over 275 Independently owner Automotive Service Centers nationwide. We’ve been struggling to implement an effective professional service training for Service Advisors and a comprehensive performance based coaching methodology that store managers could execute with the help of our Business Development Managers.

This project was a tall order since we do not operate with a common operating procedures due to the Independent member based model we’ve built. Beech Consulting was up to the challenge of not only developing a Professional Service Training that we have rolled out across dozens of our locations. But to also deliver ongoing Performance based coaching to our Business Development Managers in the field. The impact of Beech Consulting on our business has:

- Increased our Avg Repair Order by over 25%
- Increased our Labor per RO by over 40%
- Improved our mix of business to more services than Tires
- Increased our Overall Bottom line Profit

We continue to engage Alan specifically around strategic-planning, operational excellence and talent development. In my career I’ve engaged management consultants and performance experts many times; However, the impact has been average at best. Alan possesses a tremendous amount of real life successes that he’s been able to harness into his servant leadership beliefs that’s created a powerful, results driven model. Beech Consulting has transformed our business. I confidently would recommend Beech Consulting to any organization that is in a service based business in our outside of the Automotive Industry. We plan to keep Beech Consulting busy helping us get ahead for many years to come!

James Channer, Vice President of Sales & MarketingNetwork supporting over 275 Independently owner Automotive Service Centers nationwide

On behalf of Barton Auto Parts, we would like to thank Alan Beech for his dynamic coaching abilities and his strong foresight into the development of the independent repair shop business. Without his personal assistance, we would not see our key clients making the right changes to succeed in today’s business.

Stephen Krieger, PresidentBarton Auto Parts

Both our dealers and employees are drawn to Alan’s abilities to relate his experiences and knowledge and translate them to how we can better service our customers. Alan’s marketing expertise also helped each participant to recognize the unique value of their business and how to sell that value.

Ryan Boyle, Director of MarketingRegional Tire Distributors

Alan conducted a robust Tire Training program that helped my dealership staff grow their tire business. His knowledge, generated from years of retail tire expertise, brought a fresh and energetic approach to growing our tire business and increasing customer retention.

Debbie Hawe, District ManagerGeneral Motors Customer Care and After-sales (Western Region)

I have been a shop owner for over 30 years.About 6 years ago, tired of being broke and having no life I asked Alan for help. In that time He showed me and many others how to run a profitable and ethical business that makes me proud. Alan truly understands the challenges facing today's automotive shop owners.

Mike Lagan, Owner/OperatorDowntown Auto Specialist

I've worked with Alan since 2014 and my repair shop is where it's at today because of it. Alan can relate as a shop owner, and has much knowledge of the automotive industry. He supports my goals and when I'm stuck, he can wisely discern when and how I need that push to the next level!

Emily Chung, OwnerAutoNiche