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1. Specialize

  • Make your shop different
  • Get the training
  • Increase your prices
  • Look for new services/opportunities

2. Understand your Key Performance Indicators

  • Give customers extra value
  • Be part of a forum group
  • Get a business coach
  • Understand your KPI and monitor them regularly
  • Every staff should have KPI that they are responsible for

3. Give customers extra value

  • Wash cars
  • Offer a shuttle service
  • Offer a towing program
  • Offer a rewards program
  • Offer Tire storage
  • Showroom coffee/internet/comfortable lounge
  • Have customer appreciation days

4. Be proud of your store and make it shine

  • Make sure it is as clean as possible
  • Paint every corner regularly
  • Set up regular routines for maintenance
  • Look at your store from a customer’s point of view

5. Invest in your staff

  • Regular training
  • Pay your staff well
  • Build from the ground up
  • Have a major event
  • Have incentive based pay at all levels
  • Have a hierarchy that lower levels can aspire to