Start working on your business rather than in your business

Start working on your business rather than in your business

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How many times have you heard this, but what does it mean?

“I am working long twelve hours a day right now. How do you expect to me to fit even more work in all while still having time for my family”

Many small business are started by people who are very good at the technical aspect of their job. They are accountants, technicians, hair stylists or plumbers who have become tired of working for someone else. They have all said to themselves at one point or another, “ look how much money my boss is making, why can’t I be doing that for myself.” This is where they began to run into problems; just because you are proficient in the technical work of the job does not mean that you are equally equipped to manage the business that offers that technical service.

The transition from technician to business owner is not an easy one. Many believe that the key to gaining more customers and becoming profitable lies directly in the quality and speed of the work they produce. In reality the success of their business can be effected by any number of factors that are not at all related to the quality of their work. In very few cases does the above method work; in most instances the technician comes to the realization that they have become a slave to a job they themselves have purchased.

My recommendation is to take one day a month away from your regular day-to-day work and spend that day working directly on your business. This time will offer you a different vantage point from which to monitor how your business operates with out you. Once it has grown to a place where it can operate without you directly in the office, you will have the opportunity to put systems in place that will allow your business to improve in dynamic ways.

How do I start?

Well for the group of entrepreneurs in the picture above; the first step was getting a business coach and joining a small group with other like-minded business people. Most of the members of this group have only recently started their businesses and it is amazing to watch the results that they have achieved in such a short span of time. Since joining many of them have successfully created business that are operating and producing amazing profits without them even being involved in the day to day operations. This allows these entrepreneurs to start new ventures and spend more time with their families.

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